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Climate Courses

Are we too late to solve climate change? Do our individual actions matter or is it up to politicians to make a change? and why is it so hard to change our behaviour even if we want to? We’ve created over 80 hours of course materials that will help you get a better understanding of what climate change is and what we can do about it. Ready to learn more? Choose your path and get started!

A combination of theory and exercises. Great for groups who want to learn more about climate change. From 1-hour mini courses. to 8 hour projects, we’ve got you covered!

Debate courses

Debating is a fun and engaging way to improve public speaking, listening and critical thinking. But getting started can be a daunting task. No worry, we’re here to help out. We’ve created a set of interactive courses with everything you need to know. From the most common debate formats to how construct solid arguments.